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        Chairman keynote speech
        The years never remain, time flies. In the blink of an eye, Jiangsu Sainty Corp. has operated for more than 40 years. Do you remember still, swimming mid-stream, we encountered choppy waters? With the help of the spring breeze of reform, we have gradually grown into an international, professional, and platform-based comprehensive service provider. We transformed ourselves to a listed company with industry influence from a branch company of China National Textiles Import & Export Corp. High mountains need a solid foundation. From the main business of clothing trade to the continuously developing new characteristic market business of “dislocation, differentiation and high threshold,” the company's steady development cannot be separated from efficient compliance operation and risk control. Driven by the team spirit of “pragmatic and efficient, proactive, performance first, efficiency first,” we have steadily achieved high-quality sustainable development and contributed to the high- quality and rapid development of the national economy. 
        Currently, the globalization of the economy has brought about the globalization of rules. China's rule of law adheres to Chinese characteristics, and it is constantly absorbing elements from the experience of international organizations and countries around the world. Since 2020, the rule of law has gradually reached perfection, and the implication of corporate compliance has greatly increased. Today, compliance management is the only way for enterprise development. Sainty, which is committed to high-quality sustainable development, is at the forefront of the industry and actively embraces the era of compliance. 
        Compliance means that while focusing on its own development, the company needs to balance, respect and protect the interests of shareholders, especially state- owned asset investors and small and medium-sized shareholders, employees, suppl iers, competitors, communities, the public, and the legitimate rights and interests of related parties. The company must strive to befriend neighboring communities instead of building a wall between the company and neighboring communities. In the meantime, the management and control of compliance risks is one of the core components of comprehensive risk control. Only by continuing to comply to standards while operating can we achieve sustainable development. 
        As a pilot unit of compliance management by the State- owned As sets Super vision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of Jiangsu Province, Sainty earnestly practices the pilot requirements under the strategic leadership and guidance of the Guoxin Group, established a comprehensive compliance management system, and preliminarily realized a sound compliance organization structure and a complete compliance system. It has accumulated relatively mature experience and practices, and laid a sturdy foundation for future continuous optimization. On top of all these, compliance is still the most important social responsibility of an enterprise. As a responsible and accountable state- controlled listed company, Sainty's compliance is integrated and self-disciplined. The compliance of Sainty is comprehensive and one that continues to evolve itself. 
        Sainty's compliance requires the extensive participation of the board of directors, management and all employees. Here, on behalf of the board of directors, I promise to continue to operate in compliance with regulation, ceaselessly improve compliance management, and continue to promote a compliance culture throughout the company. The ambition of Sainty: as nature is constantly creating, so all men should constantly strive for self-perfection. In the current economic environment that is full of uncertainties, let us adhere to the path of high-quality sustainable development with the ambition of operating in accordance with compliance. Let us be as assiduous as before, keeping steady and reaching for better. Let us strive unremittingly to realize the beautiful vision of operating Sainty for a hundred years!

                                                                                                                                                                           CHAIRMAN:   Gaosong
               秉持國際、融合、自律、實效的合規管理理念。 國際是指合規管理符合國內合規規則,也同時遵循國際合規規則,提升公司國際競爭力。 融合是指合規管理與公司戰略發展、業務模式、管理架構的融合與相互促進。自律是指培養公司合規文化,激發成員的自律意識和主觀能動性,實現合規工作自上而下、自下而上的雙向循環互動。實效是指合規風險管控滿足公司實際經營需要,充分利用信息化技術,實現簡潔、高效的合規管理。
        【舉報的途徑】公司開設以下渠道受理違規事項舉報: 電話:【______________】 郵箱:【______________】
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